Pastor’s Testimonies

Pastor’s Testimonies

A Pastor’s Experience during the Church Of The Week…

“We had quite a load of furniture to deliver to this young man and his family.  When he greeted us in the parking lot of his apartment complex he seemed in disbelief that this was actually happening, as if he had been told it would happen but doubted it actually would.  The apartment he shared with his family, including his young daughter, was sparsely furnished when we arrived but full of furniture when we left.  Among other things, his young daughter finally had a bed of her own.

As the team gathered in his living room and he began to thank us for the furniture his emotions overcame him.  He talked about his passion to become a musician and about some recent success finally with some songs he had written, but also talked about how the journey had been so difficult.  The gift that Love INC had provided was clearly a tremendous encouragement to him.

He gladly welcomed our prayers and when we were finished he went around the circle and, still in tears, hugged every one of us on the team.  We all left with the sense that we had been blessed by him and by the opportunity to help him and his family in such a tangible way.”

Pastor Jeff Chapman, Faith Presbyterian Church