Celebration Banquet

Celebration Banquet

Jeff Johnson, Love INC Sacramento’s Executive Director greeted the crowd of 150 attendees who gathered at Capital Christian Center to participate in Love INC Celebration Banquet.  Jeff offered God’s blessing over the meal and the evenings events.  Guests proceeded to enjoy a prime rib dinner that some said, “it was the best they had ever eaten”.

The Executive Director introduced board chair, Dr. Ron Harden who greeted the audience and introduced the Executive Committee who serve on the Love INC Board of Directors (the entire EC was in attendance and listed below).  Neoma Yount and Dan Schaub were interviewd by the Executive Director and were given an opportunity to share why they serve in this capacity.

Executive Committee Member in Attendance

Joe Dean Southpointe Christian Center
Dr. Ron Harden Epic Bible College
Neoma Yount St. Peter’s Lutheran
Dan Schaub Bayside Life Church
Jeff Johnson Executive Director

Cathy Heller gave an overview of her experience while serving as a Clearinghouse Phone Center Shift Leader and announced that there are 20 volunteers who regularly serve along with her in the Clearinghouse.  She then introduced all those who were in attendance listed below.  The Executive Director interviewed Judy Avalos and Rick Lynch who shared why they volunteer their time to serve in Love INC’s Clearinghouse Phone Center.

Clearinghouse Phone Center Volunteers in Attendance

Alice Bryant Riverside Wesleyan Church
Carol Foster First Baptist Church
Rick Lynch Capital Christian Center
Debbie Falcone Valley Hi Covenant
Cathy Heller Greenhaven Lutheran
Eva Lack Greenhaven Lutheran
Jeannie Cudworth First Baptist Church
Laura Fong Greenhaven Lutheran
Judy Avalos Harvest Church
Fatima Smith First Baptist Church
Sue Dean Southpointe Christian Center
Sophia Freeman Calvary Chapel Sacramento

Terry Short talked about his passion for the Ministry of Love INC and announced that there are 17 volunteers who regularly serve with him in the warehouse.  He then proceeded to introduce all those who were in attendance listed below.  The Executive Director interviewed Roger Davis and Sue Downs who shared why they volunteer their time to serve in Love INC’s Warehouse.

Warehouse Volunteers in Attendance

Rose Marie Moten Capital Christian Center
Don Dunvian New Covenant Church of the Nazarene
Fran Wagner (and Madison) Southpointe Christian Center
Terry Short Bayside Life Church
Dan Thomas First Baptist Church
Roger Davis First Baptist Church
Richard Wyland First Baptist Church
Fred Robinson First Baptist Church
Sue Downs Capital Christian Center
Lano Palar LifePoint Christian Church

Pastor Chris Delfs shared some of his experiences with the ministry of Love INC.  He then introduced fellow Faith Oversight Committee member Pastor Mike Trenton.  The Executive Director welcomed Pastor Mike to the stage and gave him an opportunity to share some of his experiences with the ministry of Love INC and why he is a member of the Faith Oversight Committee.

The Executive Director shared how congregations were mobilized through the Church Of The Week and invited Lonna Gonzales and Steve Cudworth to share why they both have taken time off of work to serve during the Church Of The Week.  The audience was treated to a wonderful skit that was created and produced by Sue Dean.  The skit was narrated by Joe Dean and included Baylee Teague, Lonna Gonzales and Alice Bryant.  It was a reader’s digest version of a family in need and how Love INC ministers to them through the entire process of receiving assistance.

The highlight of the evening was an interview that took place between the Executive Director and a recipient of services from Love INC.  She eloquently shared some of her experiences and explained how after a house fire she ended up homeless with her two daughters.  She gave testimony of how God had miraculously helped her get into a home but she had little to furnish it with.  The recipient not only shared about the items she received but how she was loved on and minister to by the Clearinghouse intake volunteers and the team who delivered items to her house.

Following this interview the Executive Director summed up the need to support Love INC financially and gave all the guests an opportunity to do just that.  Guests were encourage to consider a monthly financial pledge that would allow the ministry to continue to grow and expand so more volunteers could be mobilized to impact the lives of families in need.

Board Chair, Dr. Ron Harden gave summary remarks and shared why he and his wife financially support the ministry of Love INC.  He concluded the evening in prayer.

Over $3,000 was contributed during the offering with new monthly supporters pledging over $700!

Special thanks to all those who served on the Banquet Committee:

Carole Webster and her team of decorators

Richard Lee and his catering team

Karina West

Kelli Fitzgerald

Terry Short

Jeff Johnson