We Had To Flee

“For our safety, we left a life of fear and hurt.  We had to move and leave almost everything behind.  Along with all of our family and friends, we left our jobs and vehicles too.  Without your generosity, we would still be struggling without household items that most take for granted.  We have learned to appreciate everything and we have learned to be humble.

Even though we left an abundance of material items and we don’t have much and are struggling to start over, we have found a bit of peace and are not living in constant fear anymore.  Your kindness has made the transition a little easier.

Thank you so very much, without your help we would probably still be without the household items we were in need of.  Hopefully when we’re back on our feet, we can return the favor.  God bless and you will never know how much your help has meant to us.  Knowing you care makes our hearts happy!”