Work-A-Thon Info

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Help make our tenth annual Work-A-Thon a success!

Again we are partnering with Diamond Arrow Christian Conference Center.  They need our help to prepare for their summer camping season and we want to bless them with skilled (and not so skilled) saints from the body of Christ who will work an eight-hour shift on Saturday, May 27th.

Last year we raised over $3,000…this year, with your help we want to EXCEED that amount!

Participants will be working for 8 (eight) hours on Saturday, May 23 and are seeking sponsors.  Your pledge of $5 per hour would equate to a $40 gift (5×8=40), a pledge of $10 per hour would equate to an $80 gift (10×8=80) and so on.  Whether you are able to pledge $5, $10, $15 or more, your support is both needed and appreciated.  (your pledge is tax deductible).

The following families are seeking sponsors as Work-A-Thon participants:

  • Jeff and Debbie Johnson
  • Tung and Ethan Tran

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