Core Values

Core Values

Love INC belongs to God

The ministry of Love INC belongs to God not us, therefore we yield to His Holy Spirit and seek to do only what would please our Father in heaven.


We are dependent on prayer

We believe in prayer and the unlimited resources and power of God, therefore prayer is an integral part of who we are.


Unity in the Body of Christ is essential

We seek to unify the Body of Christ, God’s Church, to answer Jesus’ prayer in John 17: 20-23 that we may be one.


We believe in serving people as an expression of our love for God

The Church, God’s people, must live out the “Great Commandment” to love God and love their neighbor; this is why we desire to reflect God’s grace through acts of service.


We are good stewards of our resources

Every person that serves through Love INC is a gift from God.  Each person who contributes to Love INC financially is a gift to God.  We honor God as we steward His resources, knowing we will give an account for our actions.